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Theresa May to MPs: Do your duty and back my Brexit deal | Politics News



Theresa May has issued an impassioned plea to MPs to “do their duty” and vote for her Brexit deal.

After a Cabinet mutiny in her battle to deliver Brexit, she is now promising MPs votes next month on her deal, no deal, or a delay.

And ahead of the latest round of commons votes – 24 hours after yielding to Cabinet Remainers – she claims MPs will be offered an improved deal.

Writing in the Daily Mail, she says: “In the discussions I have had with the leadership of the of the European Union and the leaders of every EU member state, I have found a real determination to find a way through which allows the UK to leave with a deal. That engagement has already begun to bear fruit.”

And urging MPs to back her Brexit deal, she says: “Parliament should do its duty so our country can move forward.”

Theresa May

May: MPs’ ‘explicit consent’ needed for no-deal

But despite her upbeat tone, the Prime Minister comes under fierce attack from her old Brexit adversary, the former Brexit Secretary David Davis, also writing in the Daily Mail.

Mr Davis accuses Mrs May of “capitulating to blackmail” and warns that opening the door to a delay sends the wrong message to Brussels.

“The Prime Minister should ignore those ministers currently having a panic attack about the prospects of No Deal,” Mr Davis writes.

“Their fears are exaggerated. While No Deal might – might – be economically difficult, no Brexit would be a democratic disaster.”

In the Commons, a potential threat to the PM in the latest votes comes in a cross-party amendment from another old foe, Labour’s Yvette Cooper, blocking no deal.

Although Ms Cooper has dropped plans to force a vote on letting Parliament seize control of Brexit, her supporters want confirmation of the commitment made by the PM.

” We’ve had cases in the past where ministers have questioned what the PM has perhaps committed to elsewhere and MPs are rightly a bit suspicious,” Conservative MP Nick Boles told Sky News.

“We’re giving up the opportunity to pass an Act in Parliament and in order to do that we need to be absolutely assured that she’ll come forward with the motions on the dates she has said.”

The Independent Group holds its first meeting in Westminster
The Independent Group holds its first meeting in Westminster

The Independent Group, eight former Labour MPs and three ex-Tories, who after their first meeting this week toasted their new alliance in a restaurant, have tabled their own cross-party amendment – putting a second referendum on the menu.

The amendment, paving the way for a People’s Vote, has been tabled with support from the Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats, and Plaid Cymru.

“At this eleventh hour it’s vital that preparations take place for a People’s Vote,” Independent Group MP Chris Leslie told Sky News.

“This cross-party amendment would require the prime minister to take the steps needed now so the public could take control and break through the Brexit gridlock. There is no more time to waste.

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn confirms plan for a fresh vote

“With Labour now signalling it may support a confirmatory referendum in the weeks ahead, there is no reason to hold back on vital measures to pave the way.

“If the Labour leadership support this amendment, we could make real progress on a People’s Vote. Now is the time to put the national interest first. Parliament must act now.”

The Independents’ move is no doubt intended to embarrass Jeremy Corbyn, who this week said Labour would support a second referendum if its own amendment on its Brexit alternative – including commitment to a customs union and alignment to the single market – is defeated tonight.

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