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Tabitha Willett: Made In Chelsea star attacks Chanel for keeping caged dogs in London store | UK News



A Made In Chelsea star has reported Chanel to the RSPCA after she took photographs showing caged dogs being kept in one of its London stores.

Tabitha Willett saw the dogs in crates inside the fashion brand’s Sloane Street store in Knightsbridge.

Posting on Instagram, Willett asked: “Does anyone know what these sweet doggies were doing in cages in @ChanelOfficial Sloane Street last night? Chanel why are there two dogs in tiny cages in your shop at 11pm?”

Tabitha Willett shared the pictures of the dogs in the cages in Chanel
Tabitha Willett shared the pictures of the dogs in the cages in Chanel

Willett said she called Chanel and was told that the animals were there for “security purposes”.

She has criticised the company for its “flawed and cruel” security system and said she has spoken to the RSPCA about the issue.

In the pictures, the dogs appear to be lying straight onto their cages without much bedding, and no water can be seen nearby.

Chanel reportedly told Willett the dogs were kept in the cages for a “few” hours at a time, and were under the watchful eye of a handler.

The pregnant star shared a photo with her own dog after posting about the caged ones
Willett, who has a dog herself, described Chanel’s security measures as ‘flawed and cruel’

In a comment to The Times, a Chanel spokesman said there had been two “serious incidents” at the Sloane Street store and the dogs were brought in to reinforce security.

The spokesman said the dogs were specially trained, released from their crates to exercise regularly and were given food and water through the night.

An RSPCA spokesman told Sky News: “This picture raises some questions and we would be keen to hear the reasons behind these dogs being kept in crates in this way. Dog crates can be useful when transporting your pets, for use in training, or for short-term confinement when supervision is not possible. They should be a place where the dog feels safe, secure and comfortable.

“As a minimum, crates need to be big enough for the dog to be able to sit and stand up at full height, turn around, stretch out and lie down in a natural position. Adding soft, comfortable bedding and safe chew toys help dogs feel comfy, safe and secure.

“Dogs need access to water at all times so a bowl of water should be provided when a dog is inside the crate. This can be done using a clip-on bowl to prevent it from being tipped over.”

Sky News has contacted Chanel for comment.

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