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Storm Jorge: Winds of up to 70mph and rain to hit this weekend | UK News



Parts of the UK already experiencing flooding will be hit by more strong winds and heavy rain as Storm Jorge moves in over the weekend.

Winds of up to 70mph will hit coastal areas and rain of up to 100mm could fall on already flooded areas.

The warnings for wind are between midday Saturday and midday Sunday.

The Met Office has issued rain warnings for parts of Wales and northern England, where rain will be heaviest and we could see 60-80mm possible over the highest ground.

Wind warnings are in place for Northern Ireland, Wales, southern Scotland and much of England.

Gusts of 50-60mph are likely quite widely with 65-70mph possible in coastal areas, however the strongest and most damaging winds are expected across the Republic of Ireland.

The storm has been named by the Spanish Meteorological Service which is part of the southwest Europe storm naming group.

It is convention for all of the other countries’ meteorological services to then use that name when referring to the weather system.

The next UK storm name would have been Ellen.

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