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Skewer removed from dog that got carried away at barbeque



A dog has had to be operated on to remove a skewer it ate when it wolfed down a chicken kebab.

The Sharpei called Hoshi underwent life-saving surgery after the eight-inch metal rod became wedged in its internal organs.

The animal’s plight was only apparent because a lump had appeared in its side.

An X-ray revealed the sharp object inside which the vegetarian owners concluded could only have been eaten when they went to a barbecue.

A Sharpei dog called Hoshi with her owner Sandra Kim
Hoshi with her owner Sandra Kin

Hoshi is now making good progress since the skewer was removed in an operation at the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in Glasgow.

Ruth Greening, a veterinary surgeon at The Pets’n’Vets Family, said she was astounded when she saw the skewer inside.

She said: “Hoshi came in for X-rays to investigate a lump which had appeared on the side of her abdomen.

“We were astounded when X-rays revealed that the swelling on Hoshi’s abdomen was the point of a large metal skewer piercing her ribs, which she had apparently swallowed at the barbecue.”

The six-year-old dog was at the practice for three days recovering before returning home.

 X-ray of a Sharpei dog called Hoshi which swallowed an eight-inch metal skewer
The metal skewer was only apparent when Hoshi was X-rayed

Her owner Sandra Kin said: “Hoshi has previously eaten some things she shouldn’t have – but I never thought she’d swallow a whole piece of meat with a huge metal barbecue stick in it.

“We are very fortunate that she didn’t end up much worse, thanks to the surgery performed by The Pets’n’Vets Family.

“Hoshi’s a little bit crazy; but I guess that’s why we love her!”

Ross Allan, a vet at the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital, advised owners to take extra care over what food their pets have access to during the summer.

He said: “Barbecues are very popular at this time of year and, with the warm weather set to return, we would urge owners to be aware that all pets will often eat any food left unguarded rapidly and without being aware of any hidden dangers, such as sharp skewers.”

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