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Should have used the flyover: Swans hold up rush-hour traffic on M3 | UK News



The M3 was brought to a standstill as two swans – one of which was injured and could not take off – crossed the motorway during rush hour this morning.

A “swan rescue team” was called in to help as Highways England held traffic in both directions between Junction 2 and Junction 3 for Thorpe and Lightwater.

One of the swans was injured and could not take off

Drivers were warned to “approach with caution” because a couple of the birds were “wandering around the motorway”.

Motorist Chris Tomlinson tweeted: “I am howling. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on a motorway.”

Tim Holland said: “Aren’t they the Queen’s? Give her a call and tell her she needs to come down and sort it.”

Traffic was held at a standstill

Once traffic was running again, Highways England tweeted: “The swans (one of which is injured and can’t take off) have been corralled to J3 southbound exit slip.

“This sliproad is closed until a swan rescue team can attend to safely catch them and take them away from danger.”

The birds were eventually safely removed

It added later that the swans had been “safely removed” and the sliproad had reopened.

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