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Shoppers trapped in broken lift screamed in fear as lift shot up and down ’30 times’ | UK News



More than a dozen shoppers were left trapped in a shopping centre lift which moved up and “plunged” them down for more than 20 minutes.

Taris Chapman, from Rhondda, said that she and three friends were terrified when they couldn’t get out of the lift at the St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff on Saturday night.

The group eventually had to be rescued by firefighters, and claim they have only been offered free parking since then.

Posting onto the shopping centre’s Facebook page, Ms Chapman wrote: “Myself, three of my friends and nine other people were in the lift in St David’s shopping centre this evening when it stopped working.

“This resulted into 40 minutes of the lift going to the top floor and just plunging us down seven floors with force whilst jolting. Not to mention, how frightening it was as we couldn’t get hold of the of the help line 10 minutes into the lift breaking.

“When we did manage to get hold of them, the speaker kept cutting off and due to no signal we couldn’t even get through to the emergency services. 20 minutes later, the fire brigade came and helped us get out.

“This was the most terrifying thing we have experienced and want to warn others as it was very distressing and has happened there before. And it was nothing to do with the amount or people in the lift as there was half of us in there which was the limit and many people have said it was playing up through out the day.”

About 13 people were trapped in the lift in the shopping centre
About 13 people were trapped in the lift in the shopping centre

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Chapman said she had found more people who experienced the same thing in the shopping centre.

She added that supervisors at the centre had told her they had been watching the ordeal on a screen, leading her to question what took so long for the emergency services to be called.

Danielle Crowley, who was also in the lift, wrote: “This was the most horrific thing I’ve ever experienced.

“Safe to say I am now scared of lifts.”

She also claimed the shopping centre staff had not been able to control the lift.

Megan Jones, who was also stuck in the lift, said: “Cannot believe that after being stuck in a lift flying up and crashing down to the floor for 25 minutes & having the fire brigade get us out, all @StDavidsCardiff can offer us is free parking, absolutely disgusting!!!”

Ms Jones, who was stuck in the lift with her mother Alyson, told Wales Online the lift had gone up and down “25 to 30 times” and said they all sat on the floor out of fear of injuries when the lift dropped to the bottom.

In a statement, St Davids said: “On Saturday evening at approximately 6:45pm, a lift within St David’s malfunctioned. Customers inside the lift were transported from floor to floor, and were unable to get out of the lift for approximately 20 minutes.

“The fire brigade provided assistance to enable customers to leave the lift. The lift has since been taken out of service while the need for repair work is assessed.

“We recognise that this was a distressing experience for those involved, and, in addition to the assistance we offered at the time of the incident, we will also be reaching out to the individuals involved to offer a gesture of goodwill.”

The shopping centre did not respond to questions from Sky News about whether staff at the centre could adequately control the lift, or what has been offered to those affected.

The centre’s Twitter account also denied allegations they did not care about the incident, adding that their equipment was not “immune to faults”.

Some people have responded on social media with their own tales of safety issues in what they claim is the same lift.

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