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Sahara desert dust blows north into the UK and settles on cars and windows | UK News



Dust from the Sahara Desert has settled in the UK after being swept north by high winds and brought down during rain showers.

Particles were carried high into the air by strong gales over North Africa before being carried up to Britain, with deposits left clearly visible on cars and windows.

Southern regions were the worst hit, with many motorists posting on social media to complain that their vehicles needed to be cleaned after getting a coasting of red dust.

One Twitter user said: “Thanks Sahara dust. Now I can wash the car again.”

Another posted: “Sahara dust… me car is filthy.”

But the arrival of the dust, which has also landed in parts of Ireland, has so far failed to cause a blood red sun similar to the one seen in UK skies almost 18 months ago.

Storm Ophelia pulled air and dust up from southern Europe and Africa in October 2017, and the particles gave the sun a dramatic red tint in the south of England and Ireland.

The Met Office expects the current influx of Sahara dust, most of which arrived on Tuesday and then settled overnight, to clear over the next 36 hours.

Forecaster Mark Wilson explained: “Strong winds over the Sahra whip up the dust. That goes into the sky and upper part of the atmosphere and heads towards the UK.

“Once we get some rain, that washes it out the sky and onto the ground.”

No further deposits of dust are expected.

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