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Revealed: Which regions spend the most on alcohol | UK News



People in the North West of England splash out on alcohol the most – with each household spending an average of £17 a week.

Northern drinkers typically spend £8.70 a week on drinking at home and £8.30 drinking out, new figures suggest.

The region topped the list of the biggest spenders in the UK – even beating London, where higher prices in bars and pubs meant those in the capital spend an additional £1 on drinking out every week.

Wales had the cheapest alcohol bill, with the typical household spending a total of just £13 a week.

The figures have been released by Nimblefins, which crunched data released by the Office for National Statistics.

People aged 50 to 64 spend the most per household on alcohol each week – a combined total of £19.90 – while the over 75s spend the least at £8.20.

How much did your neighbours spend on alcohol in the last year? The nation’s statistics are broken down by region below.

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