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Prince William urges Britons to ‘work for the common good’ a month before Brexit | UK News



The Duke of Cambridge has urged Britons to come “together in times of trouble and work for the common good” during a visit to Northern Ireland.

Prince William praised Olympian Dame Mary Peters’ work for the “common good” and he hoped people would follow her example.

His comments appear to echo the Queen’s Christmas message, in which she urged people to find “common ground” and to respect “different points of view”.

Her speech was seen as controversial, as members of the Royal Family are expected to exclude themselves from politics.

Commentators at the time suggested the Queen’s comments were related to the divisive Brexit debate.

In a speech at Belfast Empire Music Hall on Wednesday night, the Queen’s grandson, who is second in line to the throne after Prince Charles, praised Dame Mary’s work in breaking down taboos around mental health and working with those at risk of entering care or custody.

He said: “The work you do transcends community divisions and is helping deliver a brighter future for everybody in Northern Ireland.”

He continued: “Mary Peters is not only one of the United Kingdom’s sporting legends, she’s also inspired generation after generation to come together in times of trouble and work for the common good – a lesson I hope many of us can learn from.”

Mary Peters was honoured for her work
Mary Peters was honoured for her work

Commenting on the speech, Sky News’ senior Ireland correspondent David Blevins said: “It’s important to remember he was speaking to an audience of Catholic and Protestant young people in Northern Ireland.

“While his comments may be open to interpretation, his praise of Dame Mary Peters’s peacemaking among ‘generation after generation’ is striking.”

Ms Peters was appointed to be a Lady Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter – one of the UK’s highest honours on Wednesday.

“I hope you can all join me in thanking and congratulating her personally this evening,” William said.

His comments came after a day of activities focused on young people and projects aimed at bridging traditional community divides in Northern Ireland.

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