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Prince Harry urges action on single-use plastic bottles on last day of Morocco visit | UK News



Prince Harry has urged recycling firms to put “more pressure” on big companies to end the production of single-use plastic bottles during a visit to Morocco.

The 34-year-old royal said the problem of avoidable waste needed to be tackled at its source.

He made the comments during a conversation with Youssef Chaqor, the boss of a Moroccan company that recycles household products and cooking oil.

Meghan Markle gets all the flowers - and attention - in Morocco.

Harry: ‘She gets all the flowers!’

On their third and final day in Morocco, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met entrepreneurs who have started companies aimed at tackling the country’s social, economic and environmental issues.

The couple, who are expecting their first child in the spring, attended the event at the National Museum of Jewellery in the Andalusian Gardens in the capital Rabat.

They appeared in high spirits as they wandered hand-in-hand through the green spaces observing local arts and crafts, and laughed as a stray cat crossed their path.

A stray cat walks across the Harry and Meghan's path
The royals laughed as a stray cat walked across their path

Children greeted waved UK and Moroccan flags to greet the couple, before they were presented with gifts including flowers and a painting.

Speaking with Mr Chaqor, who runs Eko-Geste, Harry asked if recycling in Morocco was like other parts of the world “where they think they are recycling but they are not – it ends up being dumped”.

The royals look at items from a merchant in the walled public Andalusian Gardens
The royals look at items in the Andalusian Gardens

He said: “You need to put more pressure on the big companies.”

The prince said that while big companies may offer funding to environmental projects, “they are still producing single-use plastic bottles”.

“Go to the source,” he added.

Harry and Meghan speak to a merchant as they view a picture of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Harry and Meghan spoke to a man who showed them a picture of Prince Charles

The couple later toured stands and met the founders of Zyne, a luxury shoe brand employing women from poor parts of Morocco.

Heavily pregnant Meghan is said to have admired a pair of their shoes, which sell for £400-£600.

She reportedly said: “Wow, this is a kickass heel,” according to company founder Zineb Britel.

The couple earlier visited the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equitation Sports
The couple earlier visited the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equitation Sports

Earlier in the day, Harry and Meghan spent time with horses at the Royal Moroccan Equestrian Club Dar Essalam to learn more about the country’s programme of supporting children with disabilities through equine therapy.

Meghan said she sympathised with a nervous Shetland pony she met there, admitting she sometimes gets a little “camera shy”.

Harry and Meghan spent time with several horses at the centre
Harry and Meghan spent time with several horses at the centre

They watched children grooming three ponies named Caramel, Xina and Molly.

Noticing how Molly was shaking, Harry joked: “Has anyone got any carrots? She’s a bit nervous, this one.”

Meghan replied: “Well, we all get a little camera shy, I understand.”

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