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Police issue warning over hoax 999 calls after chicken curry complaint | UK News



A 999 call from someone who thought they would be “on the toilet for three hours” after eating a chicken korma has prompted police to issue a warning.

In a recording, posted on Twitter by Cambridgeshire Constabulary, an emergency call handler is heard being told: “I’ve had a chicken korma and my a** is on fire mate.

“I need the paramedics because I think I’m going to be on the toilet for three hours.”

The caller then shouts: “THIS IS NOT A PRANK CALL. MY A** IS ON FIRE.”

“Ok, don’t you think you need to call the medical team then?,” the call handler replies, before the conversation ends.

The Cambridgeshire force used the call to remind people to “think twice” before calling 999 and not waste police time.

“Who knew a korma could cause so much trauma?..,” their Twitter account asked.

“This hoax caller decided to phone us during one of the busiest weeks of the year to let us know she was ‘suffering’ after eating a curry.

“Please only dial 999 in genuine emergencies. #MakeTheRightCall”

Cambridgshire Constabulary said they receive hundreds of hoax calls every single month, which “waste hours of valuable police time and stop handlers being able to answer genuine emergencies”.

Last month, a man who burped down the phone line on dozens of 999 calls because he was bored was jailed for 24 weeks.

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