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Plea as 56% of students cook while drunk



Students are being warned not to cook while drunk, after a survey revealed half of them admit to firing up their ovens after a night out.

A survey of 1,136 students showed that 56% cooked while they were drunk or after drinking, and one in seven admitted they had fallen asleep as they waited for their food.

A quarter of students surveyed by the Electrical Safety First charity said they had put a knife or fork in a toaster.

A fifth said they had put something they shouldn’t into a microwave, either for fun or by mistake, and one in eight had left the oven door open up to warm up their room.

The warnings come as data shows 911 accidental electrical fires happened in English student halls of residence between 2012 and 2017.

A charity is urging students to take care in the kitchen. File pic
A charity is urging students to take care in the kitchen. File pic

Freshers’ weeks have been taking place across the country, with thousands of teenagers leaving home for the first time to start their courses.

Emma Drackford, director of communications for Electrical Safety First, said: “With freshers’ week taking place all over the country, we know how excited students starting the new academic year will be to celebrate.

“Yet those set to live independently for the first time are urged to take care in the kitchen when handling electrical appliances.

“With so many students admitting to taking to the stove under the influence of alcohol and a significant number falling asleep with food cooking we are warning students not to drink and fry.”

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