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Philip Hammond: ‘Ticking clock’ will ‘focus minds’ on Brexit | Politics News



The chancellor has rejected suggestions Brexit should be delayed – saying the “ticking clock” will “focus minds” and ensure Theresa May gets an exit deal passed in time.

Speaking to Sky News at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Philip Hammond dismissed calls from some MPs for Article 50 to be extended.

Mr Hammond told Sky’s economics editor Ed Conway: “The problem with that suggestion is that it is pretty clear, if you look at the situation, the only thing that is pushing people at all towards pragmatic compromise is the ticking clock and the deadline.

“I’m afraid if you remove the deadline, you would run the risk of just entrenching people in their positions advocating for their preferred solutions, rather than coming to a compromise.

“All negotiations tend to move towards a compromise position only as you get to the deadline.

“So I’m afraid deadlines, as uncomfortable as they are, do serve a purpose in the negotiating process.”

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