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PC Andrew Harper’s family say their ‘lives and hearts are torn apart’ in new tributes to Berkshire police officer | UK News



PC Andrew Harper’s mother has said “our lives and hearts have been torn apart” by his killing last week while responding to a reported burglary.

She said her son had “always lived with dignity, honour and calmness” and “everything he did was with a smile”.

“A big part of me has gone with you, I cannot imagine our lives going forward but we will do so with Andrew in our hearts,” said PC Harper’s mother, Debbie.

The family have released new tributes and pictures of the 28-year-old, who died after he was dragged along by a car in Berkshire.

PC Harper and his wife Lissie
PC Harper’s wife said he was ‘perfect’ and gave her the ‘happiest 13 years of my life.’

His brother Sean said the officer “always had my back” and was the “funniest, bravest, most compassionate person” he’s ever known.

He wrote: “I’m praying that one day I am going to wake up and see you, that I will hear your voice and you will tell me you are alright. I will tell you that you are the best brother and will ask if I ever told you that I love you.”

Colleagues of PC Harper will lead a minute’s silence for him at 11am today and police officers across the country are set to join in the act of remembrance.

PC Harper with father-in-law Simon
PC Harper with his father-in-law Simon

Jed Foster, 20, has been charged with PC Harper’s murder and is in custody following a court appearance earlier this week.

PC Harper’s father and sister are also among those to release new tributes today.

His father, Phil, called him a “hero, if not a superhero”.

“You had time for everyone, time to listen to them, bringing comfort and calmness wherever you went. You would always put yourself forward to look after the people around you, and would always see the good in others.

“You always made us laugh, always bringing tears of happiness to our eyes.”

PC Harper was based at Abingdon in Oxfordshire and had only been married for four weeks.

His wife paid tribute to him in the days after he was killed on 15 August.

“My husband you were perfect,” she wrote. “I will never ever stop loving you and I feel so grateful for the happiest thirteen years of my life.

“Our superman, our bodyguard, our light in the dark. My god we will miss you. Forever you will be remembered as the best of us.”

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