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Paul Gascoigne reveals he spent £20k getting anti-alcohol pellets sewn into stomach | UK News



Paul Gascoigne has credited having anti-alcohol pellets sewn into his stomach with helping turn his life around.

The ex-England football star, who endured a decades-long public battle with drink and drug issues, revealed he spent £20,000 on having the treatment in Australia in 2018.

In an interview with the Mirror newspaper, Gascoigne said: “You get pellets in your stomach and it makes you feel sick if you have too much.

“It means you can have a beer or a glass of wine and socialise, but you cannot have any more.

“As soon as you touch drugs or spirits it makes you feel sick.”

In October, Gascoigne was cleared of sexual assault over a claim he planted a “drunken and sloppy kiss” on a fellow train passenger, and described the previous 12 months as a “year of hell”.

The 52-year-old, who played for clubs including Newcastle, Spurs and Everton during his football career, says he is now enjoying life again.

Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne arrives at Teesside Crown Court in Middlesbrough
Gascoigne was cleared of sexual assault last October

He told the Mirror: “I’m in a better place – it’s the happiest I’ve been for many years.

“I’m content now, happy in myself. I’ve just had my first holiday in 15 years in Tenerife, and I’m enjoying myself for the first time in a very long time.”

Gascoigne, who has lived in Bournemouth for the last 10 years, said he still has to fight the urge to booze, but the operation has transformed his life.

Paul Gascoigne fires home against Scotland at Euro 96
Gascoigne pictured scoring a famous goal for England against Scotland at Euro 96

He said: “I can walk down the booze aisle in Sainsbury’s – my arm doesn’t reach out to buy it so much now. I can control that urge.

“You have connoisseurs of wine. I am a connoisseur of rehabs. I’ve been for Calpol, I’ve been for Red Bull, for laxatives – once I just went for a holiday.”

Gascoigne, known affectionately to his millions of fans as Gazza, revealed he had “probably got through about £20m” during his life from royalty payments, wages and sponsorship deals.

He also said he is looking for love again having not had a serious relationship since splitting from ex-wife Sheryl in 1998.

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