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Passengers asked to push packed Metrolink tram stuck at platform



Commuters were asked to push a packed tram to free it after it became stuck at a platform.

Several people were filmed pushing the side of the tram at Brooklands station in Sale, Greater Manchester on Tuesday morning.

One passenger, who witnessed the incident, described it as “kind of sad” and said the Metrolink line was a “pretty badly run service”.

The problem started when the driver found it was impossible to shut the doors of the “very busy tram”, he said.

“When they finally shut he couldn’t get the tram going, so he called over the tannoy for people to push the train so it started,” the passenger said.

He added that it was “nice” of people to help “but also kind of sad that this is our transport system.”

“I don’t want the driver to get in trouble,” he said.

Passengers pushed the tram for about 10 seconds, according to witnesses.

The pushing stopped after a member of staff said “thank you very much” over the tannoy system.

Danny Vaughan, Transport for Greater Manchester’s head of Metrolink, thanked passengers for “rolling up their sleeves to help”.

“The video which was seen today perfectly sums up how people in Greater Manchester deal with life in general, they get stuck in and look out for each other,” he said.

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“Thanks to the action of the driver and those on the platform, the tram was able to continue and not delay any other services.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved for helping out, I’m sure they will be pleased to know it is not something we will be expecting customers to do on a regular basis when they travel.”

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