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Online shoppers find parcels in bins and over fences in Christmas run-up



More than half of online shoppers have had a problem with delivery in the run-up to Christmas, new research has shown.

Consumer group Which? surveyed more than 2,000 adults and 58% said that last year they had some sort of delivery related problem, including parcels left in bins or thrown over fences.

One shopper said their dog had found the parcel while another said the binmen had taken it away by mistake after it was left in the bin.

It comes after one former delivery driver told Sky News he would have to work 18-hour days to get out the higher level of Christmas deliveries.

Speaking to Sky News after Black Friday, the anonymous driver said: “Working as a self-employed courier in the run-up to Christmas meant 18-hour days with no breaks.

“It meant arriving at the depot at 4.30am to sort parcels and on some days not finishing the shift until about 11.45pm.

“On average I would deliver 170 parcels a day, and on my busiest I delivered 254.”

The Which? survey also found that 24% of shoppers faced failed deliveries and about 10% found their parcel left outside their door when they hadn’t given consent.

Alex Neill, Which? managing director of home products and services, said: “Problems with our deliveries really can be a nightmare before Christmas, causing added stress at a busy time of year.

“If you face a delivery issue, remember that you have rights and should contact the retailer as soon as possible to have your problem solved.”

One customer told Which?: “Delivery drivers often leave items in bins. I even had a laptop left in there once.”

Three in 10 customers told Which? they got a delivery earlier than expected which can cause problems if the recipient has made arrangements to be home when they believed the item would arrive.

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