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New Year’s Eve weather where you are – the fog, the drizzle and the starry skies | UK News



If you’re planning on seeing in 2020 with fresh air and fireworks – you’re in luck.

Despite warnings of fog this evening and into tomorrow, the weather for the most part on New Year’s Eve will be mainly dry and clear, making for a starry evening to see out the 2010s.

Fog could cause some flight disruption and passengers are advised to contact their airline.

As the clock ticks down to midnight, conditions should be largely dry across the UK – with only a little damp drizzle possible in southern England and Wales.

If you're planning to welcome in the new decade outdoors, you're in luck
If you’re planning to welcome in the new decade outdoors, you’re in luck

But wrap up warm if you’re out and about as the clear skies further north and east will make it feel chillier.

It will be coldest in northern Scotland and the east of England.

There will be more cloud in the West, and in places there could be some spits and spots of rain. However, even then it will be mainly dry.

Fog could appear in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, areas prone to low-lying cloud.

Winds will be light throughout.

And for the start of 2020, New Year’s Day will continue the trend for dry crisp weather.

There have been unusually mild temperatures over the last few days, reaching the mid-teens during the day.

A temperature of 16.9C (62.2F) was recorded in Cassley in far north Scotland.

The exceptional weather has been caused by the ‘Foehn Effect’ as winds pass over mountains, bringing drier and warmer wind as they travel down the other side, boosting the temperatures.

The phenomenon could be repeated in Wales ahead of the New Year, experts say.

Despite the warmer weather, it’s probably best not to forget your coat for your first walk of 2020.

Happy New Year!

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