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Net migration from outside the EU hits a 15-year high as government still misses target | UK News



Net migration from outside the EU is at a 15-year high, according to the Office for National Statistics.

261,000 more people came to the UK from outside the EU than left in the year to September 2018 – a level not seen since 2004.

By contrast, EU net migration is at a nine-year low, falling to 57,000 last year.

It is the last set of migration figures before the UK leaves the European Union on 29 March.

Non EU migration has hit a 15 year high according to new statistics
Non EU migration has hit a 15 year high according to new statistics

The government has repeatedly said that it wants to get net migration below 100,000, but today’s figures show the rate at more than a quarter of a million – some way off the government’s self-imposed target.

A spokesperson for the prime minister says the figures show that the UK is continuing to “attract and retain” highly skilled workers and Theresa May was clear that it would “take time” to achieve the target of net migration below 100,000.

Caroline Nokes has warned increasing patrols could be a 'magnet' for migrants
Caroline Nokes wants to see UK migration at a sustainable level

Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes reacted to the figures saying: “As we leave the EU, our new immigration system will give us full control over who comes here for the first time in decades.”

She added the government is committed to “controlled and sustainable migration”.

Demonstrators protest against Brexit outside the Houses of Parliament
The immigration figures are the last before the UK leaves the EU

Labour’s Diane Abbot hit back at the government’s migration ambitions, saying: “The data simply confirms the fakery behind the government’s immigration policy”.

She added that the number of migrants entering the UK outstrips it’s “unworkable” target.

Under new government proposals, once the UK has left the EU, migrants at any skill level will be able to come to the UK temporarily and the annual cap on “skilled work visas” is set to be scrapped.

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