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MP hit with ‘Nazi’ abuse accuses police of ‘letting down democracy’



An MP branded a “Nazi” and “liar” by protesters outside parliament has accused police of “letting down democracy”.

Anna Soubry, a pro-EU Conservative, hit out at the small group of people “roaming around Westminster intimidating people going about their lawful business”.

She said that while a level of criticism and abuse was to be expected of MPs, authorities should act when it “crossed the line”.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay also called the abuse “clearly wrong” and “inappropriate”.

Anna Soubry is confronted by protesters outside parliament
Anna Soubry was confronted by protesters outside parliament

Ms Soubry suffered the “threatening” behaviour during TV interviews on Monday, and was surrounded by a group of protesters as she walked back to the Commons.

In one video, the Broxtowe MP points to how children are present nearby, while two police officers are standing on the other side of the road.

The men are shown shouting “fascist” and “full of lies” at the politician.

She tweeted to say “no one should have to put up with this and no one is above the law”, and accused the Metropolitan Police of “letting down democracy”.

Dozens of MPs have now written to the Met commissioner to express “serious concerns” about the “deteriorating public order and security situation”.

Mr Barclay said he had the murdered MP Jo Cox in mind as he delivered a statement in parliament while the row was going on outside.

He told Sky News: “After what has been a very divisive period in the life, it’s for MPs to show leadership in the language we use.

“It’s for members of the public to respect the democratic process.

“And it’s for the police operationally to look at whether the law has been broken and to take action where appropriate.”


MP’s ‘Nazi’ abuse unacceptable – Brexit secretary

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis called the abuse “shocking” and “not democracy”.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow also said the police had been “made well aware” of his concerns after a point of order citing “threatening behaviour”.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said they had “received a third-party report of a public order offence on Monday 7 January, in the area of College Green, SW1”.

They added: “Officers are assessing if any crimes have been committed. There has been no arrest at this stage.”

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