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Model Daphne Selfe: ‘Wearing jeans at the theatre is disrespectful’ | Ents & Arts News



Wearing jeans to the theatre is “disrespectful” to the actors, according to the world’s oldest professional model.

Daphne Selfe, 90, says she is “ashamed” by those who do not dress up for a night at the opera.

She told the Telegraph’s Stella Live event: “My style depends on where I go. I do dress up when I go to the theatre.

“I am ashamed by fellows who go in jeans. I would wear something nice to go to the opera and things like that.

“It’s disrespectful to the actors to not wear something good.”

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Selfe said that when she was in her 20s, people dressed more formally and models were often required to style themselves.

Women “don’t look in the mirror enough now”, she said, adding: “Get a friend – not a jealous one – to help you work it out.

“It can be confusing and most people don’t know what they should wear.”

Selfe says she only occasionally ventures on to the high street for clothing.

She said she sometimes buys clothes from “good old Zara” but she prefers smaller outlets.

“It’s the little shops I like best.

“You get some attention, they actually want to sell something as opposed to the big stores who don’t care if you are there or not – no wonder they’re shut.”

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