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Mild weather in UK set to last into next week, say forecasters | UK News



Parts of the UK have been enjoying above-average temperatures for February – and the mild weather is set to last into next week.

London saw temperatures of 17.6C (63.68F) on Saturday and the Met Office said Friday into Saturday was likely to have been one of the warmest February nights on record with 14.5C (58.1F) recorded at Achnagart in Scotland.

This time last year the country was shivering in freezing temperatures when snow was blasted in by the Beast from the East.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith said: “These conditions are going to be continuing until Tuesday and then on Wednesday it starts to turn a little bit cooler in the North West, but certainly eastern and southern areas are going to still be quite mild.

“The mercury may rise up to 18C (64.4F) on Monday and Tuesday.

Snow near Leek in 2018
This time last year the UK was freezing as the Beast from the East swept in bringing snow

“London, for example, should be 9C (48.2F) at this time of year. Inland Wales should be 6C or 7C (42.8-44.6F), around the coast of Wales it should be 8C (46.4F).

“Northern England should be around about 5C to 7C (41F-44.6F) inland, 7C around the coast.

“Northern Ireland 7C or 8C, Scotland, generally around about 6C to 7C, around the coast and inland.

“So obviously some places seeing temperatures 10 degrees above the average.”

Scotland saw its warmest February day this week when Aboyne in Aberdeenshire hit the maximum temperature of 18.3C (64.94F) on Thursday afternoon, beating the previous high of 17.9C (64.22F) recorded in Aberdeen on 22 February 1897.

People enjoy the mild weather as they cross London's Millennium Bridge in central London
People enjoy the mild weather as they cross London’s Millennium Bridge in central London

Sky News weather presenter Kirsty McCabe said: “There is a taste of spring in the air this weekend, with plenty of dry, bright and mild weather on offer.

“The settled, dry and mild conditions will continue into next week with rain only affecting the far northwest. Overnight fog may affect the morning rush-hour on Monday.”

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