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Miaowch! Pregnant cat gives birth to five kittens after painful rescue in Wolverhampton | UK News



The RSPCA performed the purr-fect rescue by helping a heavily pregnant cat stuck on a metal fence just in time for her to give birth to five kittens.

The tabby found herself in a painful predicament in Glaisdale Gardens in Wolverhampton, with a metal spike having punctured her toes and left her dangling by her back leg.

Fortunately she was spotted by a member of the public, who quickly got in touch with the animal charity.

RSPCA inspector Vicki Taylor was among those sent to the scene to help free the cat, who has since been taken into care and named Maggie.

The cat's paw was impaled on a metal spike, leaving her dangling from a fence. Pic: RSPCA
The cat’s paw was impaled on a metal spike, leaving her dangling from a fence. Pic: RSPCA

Ms Taylor said: “This poor cat had her back leg twisted and stuck on the metal fence. She must have jumped, but her leg was caught on the fence so her leg stayed behind.

“The poor thing was dangling from the fence when I arrived and she was very unhappy. Thankfully, the caller who contacted us was on hand to help. I lifted up the cat to relieve the pressure on her foot and the caller managed to cut through the metal spike until she was free.

“Her paw was swollen and looked very sore. She looked a little worse for wear and underweight and she was also heavily pregnant.”

Maggie was taken to RSPCA Birmingham Animal Hospital for treatment and gave birth just a couple of days later.

The kittens are still with their mother at the hospital, receiving some much needed care to get them feline better.

:: Maggie had no microchip and no owner has come forward. If you believe this is your cat, contact the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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