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Mass brawl erupts at Haydock Park racecourse, forcing mother and child to flee | UK News



Dozens of spectators have been involved in a mass brawl at Haydock Park racecourse.

A mother and child had to be led to safety after getting caught up in the fighting, which happened as the last race got under way on Saturday.

About 40 people were involved in the violence at the Merseyside racecourse as two gangs of men traded blows.

Oliver Hodgson, who witnessed the fighting, described it as being like “something out of a horror scene”.

He said: “There were families and kids there, they were bumping into prams and… there’s a mum and child being rushed off by security.”

A woman clutching a small child being led away from the scene of a brawl at a Haydock races
A woman clutching a child is led away from the scene of the brawl. Pic: Oliver Hodgson/PA
A mass brawl broke out at Haydock Park races. Pic: Oliver Hodgson/PA

Mr Hodgson said he did not know how the fighting started.

“I just think it was a drunken mess, to be honest, but I have to clarify this was a minority and this is not how everyone behaves at racing,” he said.

Merseyside Police said one man had been arrested on suspicion of affray and possession of a controlled drug following the fight.

It comes after violence between spectators at Goodwood and Ascot racecourses last May, which prompted stricter security measures.

A Haydock Park spokesman said: “We take a zero tolerance position on anti-social behaviour.

“The perpetrators were ejected at the time and we are continuing to work with the police on this matter.”

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