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Mark Acklom: Police bring British ‘most wanted’ man back to UK on fraud charges | UK News



One of Britain’s most wanted men is back in the country after being on the run in Europe for several years.

Mark Acklom, who was wanted for allegedly fleecing a woman of her £850,000 life savings, was arrested in a dramatic raid in Switzerland last summer.

He is said to have posed as a wealthy banker and MI6 agent and promised to marry his alleged victim.

Mark Acklom
Mark Acklom has returned after fleeing in 2012

Tonight, he was flown back to the UK from Geneva. He will be in court tomorrow morning to answer 20 fraud charges.

Sky News’ Martin Brunt, who was on the plane with Acklom from Geneva to Bristol, said the long investigation has “been a real saga”.

Sky News revealed Acklom had changed his name to Marc Long and was living in Switzerland. He had previously been thought to be living in Spain, as his wife is Spanish and he had been learning the language.

After his arrest, Acklom fought extradition back to the UK. Once the court in Switzerland agreed to extradition, he appealed it, but he ran out of options last week when a second appeal was rejected.

Acklom had argued that in coming back to a post-Brexit Britain, his human rights would not be agreed.

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