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Man jailed for life after murdering and dismembering grandmother in Glasgow | UK News



A man has been jailed for life for murdering a grandmother and dismembering her body.

Andrew Wallace was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow for killing Julie Reilly at her flat in Govan.

He has been ordered to serve a minimum term of 28 years.

It is the second time Wallace, 42, has been sentenced for killing someone.

In 1992, when he was 15, he stabbed a 51-year-old woman to death and was sentenced to 10 years for culpable homicide.

Ms Reilly had allowed Wallace to stay with her after he had split up from his girlfriend.

The 47-year-old was vulnerable after suffering a brain injury in 2016, which left her with memory problems and slow reactions.

Relatives became concerned for her after she went missing in February 2018.

Julie Reilly was a mother of four and had one grandchild

Wallace had claimed that she had moved to a different part of Glasgow – but remains were found buried near Ms Reilly’s home in Glasgow, and a murder inquiry led police to him.

Initially, Wallace denied killing Ms Reilly but subsequently admitted murder.

He dismembered her and placed body parts in suitcases and plastic bags before burying them. Wallace has also admitted that he cleaned up his victim’s flat in an attempt to cover up the murder.

Scotland’s Crown Office has released video showing the last time that Ms Reilly was seen alive. The footage shows her and Wallace leaving an Aldi store on 6 February 2018.

Forensic officers examine a crime scene in Govan after the death of Julie Reilly
Forensic officers examine a crime scene in Govan after the death of Julie Reilly

Images from inside her flat demonstrate how forensic science foiled Wallace’s efforts to remove traces of his crime.

Police used luminol, a solution that detects traces of blood, on rooms inside Ms Reilly’s flat.

Comparison photographs show how extensive blood staining, which was invisible to the naked eye, showed up after the chemical was applied.

Only two of Ms Reilly’s leg bones have been located. Judge Lady Rae asked Ian Duguid QC, representing Wallace, if he would co-operate in helping police find the rest of her remains.

The QC replied that his client was “prepared to entertain an approach by officers”.

Following the sentencing, Lynne Bryce, Julie’s sister, said on behalf of the family: “Please tell us where Julie is. Let my Mum have her wee girl back. Let her first grandchild have somewhere to go and grieve for Julie.

“On behalf of my mum, Julie’s family and myself we would like to thank Mark Bell and his whole team for the significant work in solving this case and all who helped out with the police.

“Without them Andrew Wallace could still be walking the streets to kill again. So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all.

“I hope that if he has a heart he could now please tell us where he put my sister and let her come home to be put to rest properly. Thank you.”

Flowers left outside Ms Reilly’s home following her death

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bell added: “I welcome the sentence imposed on Andrew Wallace by the High Court which now protects our communities from him for a considerable period of time.

“I would appeal directly to Andrew Wallace to engage with me and tell me where Julie is. There is no value in withholding her whereabouts from me and indeed the courageous thing to do now is disclose where Julie is in order that I can take steps to recover her. I’m asking Andrew Wallace to reflect and speak to me.

“The most important thing now is to find Julie and provide her and her family with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”

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