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Man caught with £200 of Twirl bars by police on way to Christmas dinner



Christmas came early for police in Greater Manchester after a man was spotted with a massive haul of stolen chocolate bars.

Officers from Ashton Hurst had been on their way to join local residents at a festive community dinner when they spotted the man leaving a shop in Oldham with the chocolate.

A PCSO gave chase and after a short time, the suspected shoplifter was arrested with around £200 of Twirls.

It is not clear how many of the chocolate bars there were but, at an average price of 60p each, there would be 333 bars.

A man was found with £200 of Twirl bars and a knife. Pic: Greater Manchester Police
A man also had a knife, police said. Pic: Greater Manchester Police

He was also carrying a kitchen knife and was wanted for failing to appear at court over another matter.

Officers from Oldham then took over, allowing the Ashton Hurst team to get to their Christmas dinner on time.

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