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Labour MP Chris Leslie speaks out after losing no-confidence vote called by local party



Chris Leslie has spoken out after becoming the latest Labour MP to lose a no-confidence vote called by party members in his constituency.

The Nottingham East MP, who has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, said he has no intention of stepping down after the vote by “a few dozen of Momentum activists”.

He told Sky News: “It was purely about my disagreements with Jeremy Corbyn – I’ve not really hidden those.

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Chris Leslie said he has ‘not really hidden’ his disagreements with Jeremy Corbyn

“It’s getting to a point where there is a large part of the party who will not tolerate different opinions, disagreements – and that is quite worrying”.

Mr Leslie added there is a “danger” that the public will “draw their own conclusions” if centre-left Labour MPs are pushed out of the party.

Some have claimed Mr Leslie is the latest victim of a “purge” which has seen four other Labour MPs lose no-confidence votes called by local members.

Ian Austin, Labour MP for Dudley North, supported the idea that Mr Leslie had been targeted for “disagreeing with the leadership”.

“We’ve never had this sort of intolerance before: Jeremy & John McDonnell were always free to argue for a different approach. People have never been driven out for disagreeing with the leadership,” Mr Austin tweeted.

He called it “not just wrong,” but a “disastrous strategy for the hard left to pursue” because the British public will “never vote for a narrow intolerant bullying sect”.

Mr Leslie has assured his constituents that he will “continue to speak out for them”.

“The more people tell me to shut up, the more determined I will be to stand up for them,” he added.

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