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Kite surfer makes ‘record’ leap over 200-metre sand spit in Devon | UK News



A 200-metre leap by a British kite surfer over a sand spit in Dawlish Warren on the south coast of Devon could be one for the record books.

Professional kite boarder Olly Bridge told Sky News he flew about 200 meters over the sand spit, in a stunt that he believes has never been attempted and landed before.

He said it was “possible” he would submit it for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Last Sunday, the 21-year-old took off from a tide pool in the Exe Estuary, rising about 15 meters into the air as he flew the entire width of the sand spit before landing smoothly onto the sea surface. All in a matter of 16 seconds.

Olly Bridge is a professional kite surfer and three-time European champion. Pic: Olly Bridge/Facebook
Olly Bridge is a professional kite surfer and three-time European champion

The three-time European kiteboarding champion posted the footage of his jump on his Facebook page, saying: “Been wanting to do this jump for a while now, stoked to finally get the wind to do it.”

He said he had been overwhelmed by the reaction coming from the kite surfing community and the general public.

Bridge, who grew up in the area, said he had been considering the ambitious stunt for a while, waiting for ideal weather.

“Sunday made for perfect conditions to attempt it,” Bridge said. “The moment was just right.”

He said the stunt was potentially dangerous with many obstacles along the sand spit. “I felt in control, but it was not the easiest.”

The love for kite surfing runs in Bridge’s family: both his parents and siblings are kite surfers as well.

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