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Killed teen Jason Isaacs ‘never stood a chance against London’s machetes’ | UK News



The mother of a talented footballer who was stabbed to death in a residential cul-de-sac has said “he never stood a chance” in the attack.

It comes as Jason Isaacs’ killer, Joel Amade, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Amade, 19, from Ilford, was found guilty of murdering the 18-year-old in Northolt, northwest London, in 2017.

Joel Amade. Pic: Metropolitan Police
Joel Amade has been sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison. Pic: Metropolitan Police

He has been sentenced on the same week Jason would have turned 20.

Jason’s mother, Sharon Kendall, said: “No one has been able to answer the why it had to be Jason.

“Why did it have to be him? Every parent’s question. He never stood a chance against the machetes in the street of London.”

She added: “Our family have joined a unique club, and it is one you never want to be in, because it means your child has been murdered.”

Ms Kendall said she would toast her son’s birthday with “a smile, a tear and a broken heart”.

During the trial, the court heard how Jason and four of his friends had planned to spend the night at another friend’s house and had gone to buy drinks on the evening of 18 November 2017.

They were walking together when a group of four men wearing masks and helmets and carrying weapons sped towards them on mopeds.

The moped riders chased the group and Jason became separated, before being set upon in what was described as a “shocking and sustained knife attack”.

The attackers then fled the scene on their mopeds, the Old Bailey heard.

Orchard Close, Ealing. Pic: Google Maps
Orchard Close in Northolt, where the attack took place

Jason knocked on a neighbour’s front door in distress and collapsed in a garden.

The resident and one of Jason’s friends attempted first aid before paramedics arrived.

He was taken to St Mary’s Hospital but died three days later.

A post-mortem examination found he had eight knife wounds – possibly caused by two different weapons – and had been stabbed four times in the back.

He also had wounds to his arm, elbow, knee and thigh.

Amade was charged with murder in November 2017 after his DNA was found on one of the mopeds.

He was also seen on CCTV on the day of the attack wearing a puffa jacket and hoodie, which were found at his address on the day of his arrest.

An 18-year-old man who also stood trial for murder alongside Amade was found not guilty.

Jason’s mother is now appealing for people to come forward with information about the other attackers involved.

“The fact that three remain at large is deeply troubling. It is heart wrenching that members of the community see fit to support and shelter them,” she said.

Detective Inspector Simon Deefholts from the Metropolitan Police said: “Our enquiries into Jason’s death will continue and we echo Mrs Kendall’s call for more people to come forward about knife crime.

“We know the prospect of sharing this information can be intimidating but we are here to protect you and to ensure those who are committing acts of violence are brought to justice.”

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