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Katie Price issued driving ban after drunk in charge of vehicle conviction | Ents & Arts News



Katie Price has been given another driving ban after she was convicted of being almost twice the limit while in charge of her pink Range Rover.

Officers found the former glamour model in a “very” drunk state, slurring her words and slumped in the back of her car in the early hours of 10 October.

Appearing at Bexley Magistrates’ Court, the 40-year-old said a mystery man had driven her car, but Judge Nigel Dean found she was not a “plausible” or “credible” witness.

The judge found her guilty of being in charge of the vehicle while over the legal limit.

However, he ordered a charge of drink-driving to be dropped as the prosecution offered insufficient evidence.

A drink-driving charge was dropped as the prosecution offered insufficient evidence
A drink-driving charge was dropped as the prosecution offered insufficient evidence

Price was banned from driving for three months over the incident in Greenwich, southeast London, adding to a ban from earlier this year for driving while disqualified.

Speaking to reporters outside the court, the model and businesswoman said: “It adds on to my disqualification I’m already on, which means I get my driving licence back on the 24th of May, which means I can go car shopping – let’s ban the pink car.”

Police officers Benjamin Jones and Balvinder Mann saw Price’s car veer off a road and hit a grass verge at 12.40am before seeing it stationary about 15 minutes later.

Price was in the back seat of the £130,000 Range Rover. Officers found damage to the bumper, branches attached to the car, and vomit at the scene.

The television personality from Horsham, West Sussex, blamed her fellow passenger Kris Boyson for not revealing the identity of the person supposedly behind the wheel of the 4×4.

While clashing with the prosecutor, Price told the court: “No, he’s not helping me at all. That’s why I’m in this trouble.”

The reality TV star said she was 'really drunk' and that she was 'such a lightweight'
The reality TV star said she was ‘really drunk’ and that she was ‘such a lightweight’

However, the judge found she had been in possession of the key fob at the time of he arrest.

The court heard how Price had drunk between three and four “pornstar martini” cocktails at Mr Boyson’s 30th birthday party at a restaurant.

She said she let a stranger, known to Mr Boyson, drive the car back towards Mr Boyson’s house and did not remember any crash.

The reality TV star said she was “really drunk” and that she was “such a lightweight”.

PC Jones told the court he found Price in the back of the car with Mr Boyson in the passenger seat.

Both Price and Mr Boyson said the third person had run off with the car keys after an argument. However, PC Jones said the car’s engine later started and Price handed over a fob key to another officer.

Price was fined and ordered to pay costs and a victim surcharge totalling £2,425.

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