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John Lewis trend report reveals falling sales due to rise in streaming services



While alarm clocks are on the decline, sales of items influenced by Royal Family members are on the rise for the British retailer.

John Lewis will stop selling DVD players
John Lewis will stop selling DVD players

John Lewis will stop stocking DVD players due to the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, it has announced.

The British retailer has revealed consumer habits for 2018 after it reported a 98.8% profits crash for the first half of the year, describing it as “one of the toughest retailers have seen”.

Some items are falling out of fashion as British households increasingly embrace technology.

One product that will become obsolete altogether is the DVD player, with the retailer saying it would not put players on shelves when stocks run out.

John Lewis will continue to sell Blu-ray players, which can also be used for standard DVDs.

Th report also suggested that the royal wedding and the World Cup have had a significant impact on what we buy, including a certain designer bag.

Can you guess which of the items listed below we’re falling in and out of love with?

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