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Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to highlight bus service cuts almost delayed – when his bus is late | Politics News



Jeremy Corbyn was forced to get a lift to a meeting to discuss cuts to bus services – after the bus he needed didn’t arrive.

The Labour leader was instead driven to Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire, from Lenton, Nottinghamshire, because the number 21 was delayed.

Mr Corbyn was meeting with residents and community leaders in Kirk Hallam, who have expressed concerns about the reduction in the 21 service.

The Labour leader made the visit to highlight his party’s policy to encourage local councils to form their own bus companies.

He later used a video, posted to his Twitter account, to highlight the problems he had encountered in trying to make the 40-minute bus journey on Thursday.

“This morning, I should have been taking the 21 bus from Lenton to Kirk Hallam,” he said.

Mr Corbyn added: “I questioned the existence of the number 21 route, people say it does exist. And I got somebody to drive me over here for a meeting we had in the community centre.

“Now, that’s okay for me. But, think of it another way.

“If you had to get to work, if you had a hospital appointment, if you had to go see the doctor, if you were a care worker who had to go look after somebody and the bus didn’t come, that’s serious.

“That’s why we need a reliable, integrated bus service and private operators, only trying to make money out of single routes, is not the way forward.

“The way forward if comprehensive, city-wide bus services and much better rural bus services, and I’m utterly determined that a Labour government will deliver that.”

Mr Corbyn had earlier tweeted that his bus was more than 40 minutes late, which prompted an apology from the local service provider.

Trent Barton’s Twitter account wrote: “Hi Jeremy, apologies about the delay.

“Due to the freezing temp overnight, we had some challenges this morning with our buses (frozen brake pads in this case).

“It would be great to have you back to see why our customers call us the really good bus company.”

Department for Transport figures reveal the number of local bus passenger journeys in England fell by 85 million to 4.36 billion in the year ending March 2018, a fall of 1.9%.

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