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Investigation launched after images of A-Level maths exam appear online | UK News



An investigation has been launched after images of an A-Level maths exam were shared online.

Pictures of an Edexcel paper appeared shortly before the test was sat by students on Friday.

Edexcel’s parent company Pearson said it had taken action to identify the source of the leak.

“Having visited a small group of centres within scope of the investigation, we have identified one centre in serious breach of correct practice,” the company said.

“We are determined to identify the individual involved, and hold them to account.”

Pearson said it was aware that pictures of the paper “were circulated in a very limited way shortly before the exam”.

It added: “All students should be reassured we have well-established processes in place to ensure no-one will be advantaged or disadvantaged, and this paper will not have to be resat.”

There were similar leaks in both 2017 and 2018, when A-Level maths papers were posted online ahead of the exams.

Police investigated the leaks and evidence was handed over to the Crown Prosecution Service to consider if criminal charges should be brought.

Pearson announced earlier this year that it would be piloting a scheme which will see microchips put in exam packs to track the date, time and location of the bundles.

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