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Hugh Christie School sorry after Year 9 asked to vote for ‘best looking’ pupils | UK News



A Kent school has apologised after its Year 9 students were asked to vote for the “best looking” pupils as part of an award ceremony at their end-of-year assembly.

The form was handed to the 13 and 14-year-olds at Hugh Christie School asking for nominations for awards including “best looking male”, “best looking female”, “biggest poser” and “best couple”.

The list of awards sparked outrage after an aunt of one of the pupils posted an image of the form on Twitter.

Lucy Hall wrote: “My nephew’s school just sent them home with this – school is hard enough when you are 14 to create awards over best looking boy and girl.

“Shocking. Hugh Christie School why would you let this happen? Parents are appalled by this.”

The school asked pupils to “disregard” the form and executive principal Jon Barker issued a statement apologising “unreservedly”.

“As soon as senior leaders were made aware, the form was withdrawn and replaced with one that correctly reflects the school’s ethos,” he said.

“We will apologise to all students who received a form today and explain why we believe it was inappropriate to use.

“We have also emailed parents to apologise.

“Hugh Christie takes issues concerning the mental health and wellbeing of its students very seriously.

“Therefore, we have launched an internal investigation as to why and how this happened.”

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