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Heroin addict guilty of killing 100-year-old Nazi camp survivor in mugging | UK News



A heroin addict has been found guilty of killing a 100-year-old Nazi camp survivor after he mugged her and left her bleeding in the road.

Artur Waszkiewicz knocked Zofija Kaczan to the floor in the middle of a road in Derby while snatching her handbag on 28 May last year as she made her way to church.

He left the Polish-born widow bleeding, and she suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured neck and cheekbone.

Having survived a Nazi camp during the Second World War, she died from pneumonia on 6 June, which was brought on by the injuries she sustained in the attack.

After deliberating for just over two hours a jury of seven men and five women at Derby Crown Court unanimously convicted Waszkiewicz of manslaughter and robbery.

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