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Heat turns up on Valentine’s Day – and it could stay warm | UK News



Britain enjoyed its warmest Valentine’s Day in more than 20 years on Thursday, according to the Met Office.

A high of 16.1C (61F) was recorded in the Welsh town of Bala, Gwynedd, making it the warmest 14 February since 1998.

Camborne in Cornwall was the sunniest spot, enjoying 9.3 hours of sunshine, while Cassley in northern Scotland was less fortunate with nearly 8mm of rain.

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “Things certainly heated up on Valentine’s Day with temperatures reaching 16.1C in Bala which makes it not only the hottest day of the year but also of the winter, including December.

“It is the hottest day of the season and 2019 so far, with the potential that it could be broken tomorrow (Friday).”

This winter’s previous hottest day was 15.9C (60F) at Kew Gardens on 2 December.

The fine weather is due to high pressure south of the UK dragging up hot air up from the Azores.

Although Friday will see a cold and frosty start for some parts of the country, higher temperatures are expected later in the day, the Met Office said.

However, temperatures are expected to cool over the weekend.

Sky weather producer Joanna Robinson said: “England and Wales will stay mostly dry and sunny through Friday afternoon.

“Elsewhere, increasing cloud will bring patchy rain to the west of Ireland and northwest Scotland later.”

She added: “The weekend will be cloudier, with some rain in the North and West, but it will stay on the mild side.

“It will be windy in the West at times too, with coastal gales possible in the North West.”

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