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Grammar school student ‘fatally stabbed by friend after failed drugs theft’ | UK News



A teenager was stabbed to death by his teenage friend during a “fall out” that followed a failed attempt to rob a drug dealer, a court has heard.

Yousef Makki, 17, died from a single stab wound to the chest earlier this year allegedly after “some sort of confrontation” with his two friends, known only as Boy A and Boy B for legal reasons, in Hale Barns, Cheshire.

Prosecutors suggest Boy A committed murder in response to a falling out, while Boy A said he was acting in self-defence against a “very hot-tempered” Yousef.

Boy A has pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy to robbery, but has admitted to perverting the course of justice and to possession of a flick knife.

Boy B said he was too “distracted” by his phone to see the stabbing. He has denied perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to robbery.

On the day of the incident in March, the three teens had been to meet a drug dealer to collect £45-worth of cannabis.

But when they met the dealer, who was driving a grey VW Polo, Boy A said he couldn’t afford to pay for the drugs, yet insisted the cannabis was handed over.

Yousef and Boy B then rode off on their bicycles, leaving Boy A pulling at the driver door of the dealer’s car, and ordering him to get out.

Prosecutors told the court on Thursday that the dealer had noticed Boy A reaching for what he believed was a knife, which led to a scuffle.

Boy A was then beaten by two other youths who stepped out of the car, before running away and leaving his bike behind.

His bike was later thrown over a nearby hedge.

A funeral service was held for the teenager, who was of Lebanese heritage, at Dar Al Hadi Foundation in Manchester
A funeral service was held for the teenager, who was of Lebanese heritage, at Dar Al Hadi Foundation in Manchester

The prosecution said that by leaving Boy A “to take a beating” after “fleeing at the first sign of trouble”, it would provide a “good reason” for the boys to fall out.

It added: “Boy A’s expensive bike had been thrown over a hedge – again that may have been the reason or part of the reason.”

Michael Bowman, a security patrol officer, was near to the teenagers when they met up later on, and recalled them having “some form of altercation”.

Pulling up to the group, Boy A told Mr Bowman that his friend had been stabbed, but that they weren’t sure what had happened, and had seen a car recently driving off.

Yousef later died of his stab wound.

Despite the boys insisting to police their friend had just “walked ahead” and “started coughing up blood”, they were arrested for his murder.

The following day, they changed their accounts, and Boy A maintained he had acted in self-defence after a “very hot-tempered” Yousef insulted him for being upset about being beaten and abandoned.

He said: “He can be violent. Yousef pulled his knife out. He swung at me with his fist, striking me on the left side of my head.”

“He shouted, ‘come on then’, or words to that effect. I was terrified. He came towards me.”

Boy A said he then pulled a knife that Yousef had given him a day earlier, before the 17-year-old “came onto the [weapon]”.

He added: “I was acting in self-defence…In panic and whilst we were waiting, me and Boy B agreed to make up a story about Yousef being attacked whilst we were round the corner.”

“I am absolutely devastated and I am in shock.”

Before his death, Yousef, who was from Burnage, Manchester, was studying at a prestigious grammar school after winning a scholarship, and had dreamt of becoming a heart surgeon.

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