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Govt stung as bee advice website links users to escort service | UK News



Online government advice about bees has been mistakenly linking users to a website offering escort services.

The Bees’ Needs campaign from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) includes tips for the public on how to help pollinating insects, such as planting “bee-friendly flowers”.

But under the “find out more” section of the page, users were linked to an external website which links hundreds of UK addresses – all of them taking the user to the escort service’s website.

The X-rated site’s tagline says: “Get Laid For Free! Sex does not have to be complicated.”

DEFRA has said that the link on its website was correct at the time of publication in July 2014, but the domain name’s owner may have since changed.

The department has now updated the information after they were alerted to the issue.

A spokesman added: “We are working hard to support our bees and other pollinators – as these species are essential for pollinating crops and in turn human survival.”

It said the Bees’ Needs campaign brings together conservation groups, farmers and beekeepers to promote good practical advice to protect bees and other insects.

On how to protect vital pollinators, the government advises to grow more flowers, shrubs and trees, cut the grass less often and to not disturb insect nests and hibernation spots.

The original Bees’ Needs press release was posted by DEFRA and its former undersecretary Lord de Mauley.

The website now asks users to search for the Bees’ Needs site, which is run by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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