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General election: Record number of people apply to register to vote on deadline day | Politics News



Almost 660,000 people registered to vote on Tuesday – breaking the record for the most amount of applications in a single day.

The huge surge in registrations came on the final day that applications were being accepted before the 12 December general election.

It means anyone who has now not registered will be unable to cast a ballot in next month’s national poll.

Almost 660,000 people registered to vote on Tuesday. Pic:
Almost 660,000 people registered to vote on Tuesday. Pic:

According to the Electoral Commission 640,815 people registered online on Tuesday, while 18,851 people submitted a paper form – a total of 659,666 applications.

This is the largest volume of applications submitted in a single day since registration data was first published in June 2014.

The previous record was in 2017, when 622,398 registered in a single day ahead of that year’s election.

Overall, since 29 October this year – the day that MPs voted to hold an election on December 12 – some 3.85 million applications have been submitted.

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However, it is thought that about a million of those who have registered since the election was called were already on the electoral register.

Of the total number of applications submitted overall, 37% were people aged under 25, and 30% aged 25 to 34.

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On deadline day, 459,000 under 35s registered to vote – more than any other age group combined, while only 14,000 over 65s filled out the form.

A spokesperson from the Electoral Commission said: “It’s great to see so many voter registration applications ahead of next month’s general election.

“It is particularly significant to see the number of applications from people under the age of 25, one of the demographics least likely to be correctly registered.

“Local electoral registration teams across the country will now be working hard to update the electoral register so that everyone who applied before the deadline can cast their vote on 12 December.”

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Before the December election was announced, the Electoral Commission said there were about nine million people eligible to vote who hadn’t registered.

That number is now lower, but there are still people not signed up and will have missed their chance to vote on 12 December.

People were being encouraged to register to vote with everything from television adverts, billboards and Twitter campaigns, with famous faces, influencers and politicians getting involved.

Some celebrities and activists were tweeting deliberate fake news, or clickbait, to their followers, but clicking on the link sent you to the register to vote website – a trend imported from the US.

The electoral reform society had previously said that the spike in applications was “hugely encouraging”.

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