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General election: Jo Swinson hints she would work with Labour if Jeremy Corbyn quit | Politics News



The Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has hinted she might be more willing to do a deal with Labour if Jeremy Corbyn was not at the helm.

Ms Swinson has repeatedly said that both Mr Corbyn and Conservative leader Boris Johnson are “unfit to govern” and has ruled out a coalition after the 12 December general election.

Asked how she would react if Mr Corbyn was to quit as leader of the Labour Party should they fail to secure a majority, she said: “Obviously we don’t know who the personalities would be in that circumstance, but we will obviously take a view on that depending on what circumstance we find ourselves in.


Swinson: Neither Corbyn or Johnson are fit to be PM

“I have been working with people from the Labour Party, and people from the Conservative Party, and the SNP, and Plaid Cymru, and the Green Party to try and stop Brexit and try and secure a people’s vote so that we can remain in the EU.

“I’ve been doing that for the last couple of years and I will certainly be continuing to do that.

“Obviously, Jeremy Corbyn is completely unfit to be prime minister, as is Boris Johnson for a whole host of different reasons.

“And so, if Labour are in a situation where they consider that Jeremy Corbyn is no longer fit to lead them, then we will of course look to keep working with people to try and secure a people’s vote.”

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Earlier on Sunday she told Sky’s Sophy Ridge that she would not be standing down if her party failed to secure more MPs than in 2017 and said her work as Lib Dem leader was only just beginning.

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Responding to the question about quitting, she said: “No, because I have just been elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats four months ago with an overwhelming majority.

“We have got more members than we have ever had before and we are running a strong campaign.

“So, people have got confidence in my leadership and I’m excited to be doing the job.”

Ms Swinson also repeated her cannabis smoking past while on the campaign trail in Sheffield Hallam, the seat once held by former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Asked about the naughtiest thing she’d done, she said: “I did smoke a fair bit of cannabis at university.

“I don’t know whether that counts as particularly naughty, but your readers and viewers will be able to make up their own mind on that.”

She added “it wasn’t just one and I did inhale” – a reference to Bill Clinton’s comment that he didn’t inhale when he smoked the drug at university.

The Lib Dem and Tory buses pulled into the same services on the M1 on Sunday afternoon, but Ms Swinson was not on board.

Jo Swinson takes a selfie in Sheffield
Jo Swinson takes a selfie in Sheffield

Elsewhere as parties make the most of the last weekend before voters go to the polls, Mr Johnson promised a reduction in the numbers of immigrants, while Labour committed to more money for social care.

Mr Johnson rallied his troops with a speech in Westminster, using a rugby analogy to attempt to put them over the line.

He said: “We’re in their 25, to use a rugby metaphor, or is it 22 metres now? I can’t remember. Anyway, we’re still not quite there yet and do not forget what happened in 2017.”

Boris Johnson has an exchange with a supporter at a rally
Boris Johnson has an exchange with a supporter at a rally

He added: “To get back to rugby, we’ve got to drive for the line, keep the ball firmly at the back of our feet and we’re going to get there but only if we work really hard.”

Mr Corbyn continued his tour of marginal seats in Wales, visiting Arfon which is held by Plaid Cymru with just 92 votes.

He told supporters in the North Welsh seat: “I want to lead a government that transforms things. I want to lead a government that empowers people. So when you’re working, knocking on doors in the rain, yes it’s raining again I’m sure, over the next few days, remember what you are doing it for.

“You are doing it for the next generation, you are doing it to change the course of political history in Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn visits the marginal seat of Arfon
Jeremy Corbyn visits the marginal seat of Arfon

“Go flat out until 10 o’clock on Thursday, then on Friday – an early Christmas present.”

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