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GCSE results: Proportion of pupils getting top grades rises | UK News



The proportion of pupils getting the top GCSE grades has risen slightly for a second year in a row.

Just over one in five (20.8%) got an A/7 or above, up from 20.5% last year and the highest since 2015.

A total of 67.3% got a C/4 equivalent grade or above, up from 66.9%.

The 1-9 classification now used means a 7-9 score is similar to an old A or A*, while the 4-6 band broadly corresponds with C and B grades. The 1-3 bracket covers the old G-D grades.

Girls still lead boys at the A/7 level by 6.5 percentage points, but the gap at C/4 has narrowed from 9.1 points to 8.8.

This year is the second year of the government’s toughened-up exams.

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