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Gary Rhodes died from bleed on the brain, family say | Ents & Arts News



Gary Rhodes died in hospital from a bleed on the brain after collapsing in his home, his family have confirmed.

The 59-year-old died yesterday, after falling ill during a break in filming on a new cookery series he was working on in Dubai.

Rhodes was instantly recognisable when he broke on to the scene thanks to his spiky hair
Rhodes was instantly recognisable when he broke on to the scene thanks to his spiky hair

His family have now put out a written statement, which they say is intended to “end painful speculation” surrounding his sudden death.

The statement says: “The Rhodes family can confirm that after a successful day shooting with Rock Oyster Media for ITV here in Dubai, Gary returned home in a very happy mood for a peaceful evening with his wife Jennie.

“After dinner, Gary unfortunately collapsed in their residence and was rushed to hospital but unfortunately passed away due to subdural haematoma.

“At this time, there are no other details and the family would again request privacy around this very tragic loss and again, thank friends and family for their ongoing support at this time.”

A subdural haematoma is described on the NHS website as: “a serious condition where blood collects between the skull and the surface of the brain. It’s usually caused by a head injury”.

Several chefs who had filmed with Rhodes over recent days have shared their disbelief in his sudden death.

Rhodes, who had worked as a chef in restaurants around the world, was one of the first big TV chefs, starring in programmes including Rhodes Around Britain and MasterChef.

Despite being trained in French cuisine, Rhodes made his name though championing English cookery, bringing traditional British recipes to the world of fine dining.

He went on to open restaurants in both the UK and overseas, and published 18 cookery books during he course of his career.

At the time of his death, Rhodes was running restaurants at two hotels in Dubai, where he moved in 2011 with his wife Jennie and two sons.

Since news of his sudden passing tributes have poured in from well-known chefs around the world, including Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

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