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Five suspects hunted over 14-year-old’s murder



Police say they are hunting five suspects over the knife murder of teenager Jayden Moodie.

Detectives believe the group were all in the car that rammed the 14-year-old boy off a moped a week ago in Leyton, east London.

Three of them jumped out and stabbed him more than seven times, said Detective Chief Inspector Chris Soole, as he appealed for help in identifying the killers.

Jayden had recently been excluded from school and was riding a stolen moped when he was attacked in an area notorious for gang rivalry and drug dealing.

The boy's helmet was thrown several metres
The boy’s helmet was thrown several metres when he was struck by a car

He had also adopted gangster poses and names on his old Facebook page.

When asked whether Jayden’s lifestyle might have been the motive for his death, DCI Soole said: “Youngsters today lead complex lives and it’s only right and fair that I get as much information as I can from the public and other agencies and bring it together and assess it.

Police are calling on anyone with information on the stabbing to come forward
Jayden had been pictured making gangster gestures on social media

“It would be fair of me to have any difficult conversations with Jayden’s family first off.

“They are the people who really need to know where we are going with any line of inquiry.”

Family spokesman says 14-year-old Jayden Moodie was not involved in gangs


Jayden ‘absolutely no affiliation with gangs’ – family

He added: “I am happy with the progress of the investigation, in the circumstances, and keeping an open mind as to why Jayden was targeted.”

Police will be back at the scene at around 6.30pm on Tuesday, the time of last week’s murder, asking residents and passers-by for any information they may not have volunteered.

:: Youngsters are urged to contact, anonymously,, a part of the Crimestoppers charity which deals with information supplied by young people who would rather communicate through social media.

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