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First shale gas produced by Cuadrilla’s site near Lancashire



Cuadrilla says it has produced the first shale gas from its fracking site near Lancashire.

Cuadrilla has described the news as “significant and indicative of the potential of the shale”, in a statement to Sky News.

Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla, said: “The volumes of gas returning to surface at this stage are small.

“However, considering that we are only at the very start of fracturing operations and, given operating constrains, have not yet been able to inject as much sand into the shale as we had planned, this is a good early indication of the gas potential that we have long talked about.”

After experiencing disruption from bad weather and protests, work began at the site on 15 October.

Activity at the site has been forced to pause on more than one occasion due to tremors being recorded in the area.

Last Friday, work was halted for 18 hours as a 0.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded.

On Monday, a 1.1 magnitude quake forced another pause.

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