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Ocon given 2020 ‘guarantee’
Some intriguing comments from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff about Esteban Ocon’s F1 future last night.

We know the Frenchman’s hopes of being on next season’s grid solely rest on Williams now, but it seems Mercedes are very confident any absence from the field will only prove one-year long.

“We are prepared for Plan B with Esteban,” said Wolff.

“One thing I can
guarantee to you is that he’s going to be in a good car in 2020 because there
are many teams out there who have an interest in Esteban.”

What chance that “good car” being a 2020 Mercedes?

In the shorter-term, Wolff isn’t giving up hope of getting his man into the second Williams seat next to George Russell.

“They say only fools are optimists and in July I was really
optimistic about having Esteban in a Renault,” said the Mercedes chief.

“It’s not our call. Williams need
to make up their mind who they think is the best driver for their team. It’s
not only Esteban, I think there is Robert [Kubica] in the frame and others.

“All of them deserve the chance and Williams will make their

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