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Egyptian military man branded ‘arrogant sexual molester’ by UK judge



A high-ranking member of the Egyptian military has been branded an “arrogant sexual molester and predator” and a “coward” by a UK judge.

Ashraf Aggwa, 54, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault and handed a six-month suspended jail sentence.

Aggwa, a father-of-three and grandfather-of-two, assaulted three different women in a shopping centre in Ashford, Kent, in July 2018.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that Aggwa either touched, kissed or grabbed his victims.

The judge said Aggwa “was arrogant beyond belief, marching around as if he ruled the world, doing what he wanted to do to other human beings without respect”.

He said Aggwa was “touching them (his victims) and doing what he wanted to do”.

For his victims the assaults were “totally unexpected and there was bewilderment afterwards”, plus there was “real suffering” for them in what he did, the judge said.

In a statement to the court, one of the women said she had felt “totally violated”, adding: “My body is my body. It is not OK for somebody to touch me.”

Aggwa was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment on one count of sexual assault and two three-month sentences on the other counts. All sentences were suspended for two years and are to run concurrently.

The sentencing took place in his absence as he is currently being detained in Egypt.

Nicholas Jones, defending, said Aggwa had enjoyed “distinguished service in a senior position” and said his conviction is a “sad end to a career”.

He did not give details about his military rank or career.

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