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Ed Pratt is first person to unicycle around the world as he passes finishing line in Somerset



A British man is celebrating after becoming the first person to unicycle around the world.

Ed Pratt left Curry Rivel, near Taunton, Somerset, in March 2015 to embark on a 21,000-mile one-wheeled adventure when he was 19.

Carrying nothing more than a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove and kit in panniers attached to his 36-inch Nimbus Oracle unicycle, he completed the challenge without any support.

His journey involved unicycling through Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan before travelling across China and through South East Asia to Singapore.

He then took on Australia and New Zealand and then on to the US, and finally flew from New York to Edinburgh to begin the final 500 miles home to Somerset.

The journey began near Taunton, Somerset in 2015
The journey began in 2015 in the same county

Mr Pratt’s efforts have raised more than £300,000 for School in a Bag, a charity that delivers educational equipment to poor and vulnerable children around the world.

Mr Pratt unicycled through a finish line at the charity’s headquarters in Somerset, where he was cheered on by family, friends and fans.

His parents, Nick and Roxanne Pratt, said: “He left school in search of a challenge and adventure.

Ed reaches Turkey
Ed reaches Turkey

“Anyone who has followed his journey around the world will know that he has created just that.”

Mr Pratt has documented his unicycling journey with updates on Facebook, videos on YouTube and through a website tracking his progress.

He has also learnt how to operate a drone that captured footage of his trip that has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

But it has not always been a smooth ride and has lasted one year and four months longer than he had originally planned.

Arriving at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy
Arriving at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy

Mr Pratt was only able to clock up seven miles on the first day after breaking his pannier zip when trying to cram egg sandwiches inside.

In November 2015, he had to put the trip on hold after he was almost hit by a car in sub-zero temperatures near Aktobe in Kazakhstan.

Luke Simon, founder and chief executive of School in a Bag, said: “Back in 2014, we received an email from a chap called Ed saying he was unicycling around the world, that he wanted to do it for charity, and why should he choose us?

“We were naturally intrigued and got straight back to him, explaining a bit more about the work that we do, before suggesting he unicycle over for a meeting.”

Ed's journey included Sydney in Australia
Ed’s journey included Sydney in Australia

Mr Simon said the charity was thrilled to have been part of Mr Pratt’s “epic journey”.

He added that funds raised from his trip would directly help more than 15,000 children.

Mr Pratt learned to unicycle just two years before beginning his challenge and set up a club at his former school.

Ed took in China on his world tour
Ed took went to China as part of his world tour

During the tour he has taught others how to master the one-wheeled contraption and has been joined by people on two wheels for parts of the trip.

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