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Drains blocked after Yorkshire puddings flushed down toilet in Ipswich | UK News



Water bosses have asked people not to flush unwanted Yorkshire puddings down the toilet after the roast dinner favourite blocked a sewer.

Anglian Water posted two pictures of the floury, eggy mixture blocking drains in Ipswich.

It joked: “We’re sure even our friends at Yorkshire Water wouldn’t welcome this sight!”

One of the photos shows a slab of Yorkshire pudding batter covering a drain, while the other shows a surprisingly intact pudding in someone’s gloved hand.

Some of the Yorkshire puddings. Pic: Twitter/Anglian Water
Some of the Yorkshire puddings. Pic: Twitter/Anglian Water

The company added: “Somebody dumped a load of Yorkshire puddings in an Ipswich sewer.

“Please don’t treat sewers as bins. Avoid blocked pipes and compost your food waste!”

Only the “3 Ps” should be flushed down the loo – pee, poo and paper – the company says on its website.

It adds that 80% of sewer blockages are avoidable and are caused by “unflushables”.

Consequent problems include “sewer flooding of homes and environmental pollution, which is distressing (and) costly to put right”, it says.

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