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Dog with suspected tumour had needle in his neck | UK News



A dog suspected of having a brain tumour actually had a sewing needle in his neck which had pierced his spinal cord, X-rays have shown.

Toby the Yorkshire terrier’s owners took him to the vet after noticing he had neck pain, was struggling to walk and was showing signs of seizures.

The vet in Beauly, near Inverness, feared the 13-year-old might have a brain tumour and took x-rays of his head.

Toby has made a full recovery
Toby has made a full recovery

The images showed he had a 7cm sewing needle with thread attached lodged in his neck, which was dangerously close to his brain.

It is not known how it got there, but vets suspect he either ate it or laid his head on it.

An X-ray showed Toby had a needle in his neck
It is thought Toby may have eaten the needle or laid his head on it

Toby was referred to the University of Edinburgh’s Hospital for Small Animals, where a CT scan was used to assess any damage to his spinal cord.

Specialist x-ray equipment was used during surgery to view the needle in real time, allowing surgeons to remove it without resorting to an invasive procedure.

It was carried out last August, since when Toby has made a full recovery.

Toby had a needle lodged in his neck
Toby’s owners say they are delighted to see him back to his old self

“We feel that without the help of the experts in Edinburgh, Toby would not be here today,” owner Alexander Jamieson said.

“The care and attention he got was out of this world and we are delighted to see him back to his old self.”

Samantha Woods, senior lecturer at Edinburgh’s hospital for small animals, said: “We are really pleased to see Toby back to full health, thanks to the combined efforts of his vets and our specialist teams here in Edinburgh.”

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